• Did you know that: Checking breasts for lumps or getting a mammogram is not prevention. It is detection.

    We at Breast Cancer Action Quebec have been intrigued to learn that it is « Breast Cancer Prevention Week ».

    Messages are circulating on social media asking people to post hearts on women friends’ walls to remind them to check their breasts and this is not a bad message. We believe women should be very familiar with the look and feel of their breasts, but let us be clear: Checking breasts for lumps or getting a mammogram is not prevention. It is detection. These are ways to detect if a cancerous tumour already exists in your breast. Detection is not prevention.

    Prevention is bringing down the number of women with cancerous tumors in their breasts in the first place.

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  • 25 years of action and we need you more than ever

    We have the most extraordinary members and donors.

    Some of you have been supporting this organization from the very beginning. Others have more recently learned about us. Many young women have become members this year. They don't necessarily have personal experience with breast cancer, but they know something is profoundly wrong with our environment and that it impacts our health directly.

    With all the work we are doing, we need you more than ever. So we ask you to please consider supporting us this December with a donation. You can also offer a donation as a gift to someone you care about and they will receive an ecard of your choice.

  • Scientific Panel Presentations

    Our 25th Anniversary Panel of researchers on endocrine disrupting chemicals, held on October 26, 2016 in Montreal, inspired an audience of both young people and long-time members.

    Watch three powerpoint presentations with audio from the live presentations.

  • The Ravages of the Other Chemo

    Currently, our approach to prevention consists in making people feel guilty by saying that their lifestyle habits are the key to preventing cancer and other illnesses while we let food, cosmetic, argicultural, chemical and oil companies introduce tons of toxic substances into our environment.

  • Awareness versus Prevention



    Jennifer Beeman, Director, Breast Cancer Action Quebec

    October 6, 2016

    I am in a strange situation. I am director of a breast cancer organisation and I really don’t know what “promoting awareness” of breast cancer means.

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