• Overwhelmed by pink ribbon blues?

    Wondering what you can do? Read what one of our members did and get inspired!

    A few years after I finished all treatments for breast cancer ... I took up a new annual ritual – the CIBC Run for the Cure. ... And I always paid the registration fee, raised funds from friends and family. Until a few years ago when I watched the documentary film Pink Ribbons Inc. And I was stunned to learn about what the Globe and Mail referred to as ‘Pinkwashing’ and the dark side of breast-cancer philanthropy: how corporations profit so much from these “fundraising” activities. The film raised the question: does the money raised by all these Pink activities do any good at all? I decided that I would donate my money to BCAQC instead – oh, I still do the 5k Run, and still have not had to stop. But I prefer to send the equivalent of the funds I would have raised to the organization working more directly to prevent the disease on the ground.

    read about our position on pink ribbon campaigns

  • We applaud committee recommendations to improve CEPA.

    Now it's time for Parliament to act!

    The Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development released its CEPA review.

    This report is an essential starting point to reforming the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) so that Canadians are truly protected from the toxic substances harming our health.

    The report's recommendations must be implemented. The state of our health and that of our ecosystems depend on it.

  • Membership Drive 2017

    Join Breast Cancer Action Quebec as we launch our membership drive this summer.

    Our membership is the base of our movement and is vital to our work. If you haven’t become a member yet, now is a great time to do it. Or renew a lapsed membership.

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  • Book a workshop

    Breast Cancer Action Quebec offers a range of educational workshops:

    • Prevention and Action Against Cancer and Toxicants (PACT)
    • Beast of Beauty
    • Chemical Detective
    • Breast Cancer and the Workplace
    • From Anger to Conformity: What has happened to a feminist analysis of breast cancer?

      We have a team of facilitators available to give them in schools, workplaces, community groups and faith-based groups. The length can be adapted to different circumstances. Call us if you are interested in one for your group.

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    Many people are surprised by the extent of our work with young people.

    Indeed, our Youth Program has many branches. We work with university students who support our mission and want to organize events on campuses with us to educate other students and the public on our work. We work with community groups that work with young people offering our workshops on health and the environment and/or leading DIY activities (Do It Yourself activities making homemade personal care products).

    And now we work with high school students offering our innovative program, Health Connections: Young People Connecting with their Environment and Communities.

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Wretched Pink Ribbons. Again.

So here we are, again, awash in these wretched pink ribbons. They must constitute the most successful marketing campaign ever. And they are so pernicious. They make us feel touched by and involved in something significant by merely wearing them or buying something with their picture attached. But what do they say? Nothing, except that thousands of women still go through breast cancer every year. And that is the problem. There is so much that needs to be said that gets buried under the ribbons.

What do we need to be saying?

1. We need to say that detection is not prevention. Actually bringing down incidence rates has been completely removed from all important discussions. We repeat to women for them to individually bring down their risk without a proper public health strategy to bring down breast cancer rates with a strong, public health program that incorporates environmental health as a central component. Also, in working to prevent breast cancer, we work to prevent a range of diseases.

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