Board of Directors

Nancy Guberman – President

Member since:  February 1998
Professional profile: Retired professor of Social Work with continued research and training activities.
Expertise: Safe cosmetics campaign, Tips for a toxic-free home, community organizing, gender issues.

Deena Dlusy-Apel – Vice-President

Member since:  the inception of the organisation in 1994
Professional profile: Holds a M.Ed. and is currently a part-time professor at Concordia University, and a practicing artist.
Expertise:  Breast cancer survivor, knowledge and expertise as non-profit organiser, media spokesperson.

Avis Antel – Secretary

Member since:  September 2003
Professional profile: MLIS, Retired Librarian.
Expertise:  Research and information access.

Carol Secter – Treasurer

Member since:  October 2002
Professional profile: Holds a B.A and a M.Ed. and is a retired teacher and union activist.
Expertise: Knowledge of Canadian cosmetics regulations, of Health Canada’s Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist, Safe Cosmetics Campaign Chair, and past-President.

Deborah Bonney – Director

Member since:  May 2013
Professional profile: Communication advisor in the health field.
Expertise: Public relations, media relations, strategic planning, risk communication, health prevention and promotion.

Laurianne Lamarche  – Director

Member since:  September 2013
Professional profile: Communication specialist and graphic designer.
Communication strategy and design.

Lise Parent – Director

Member since:  September 2013
Professional profile: Biologist, full professor in Environmental Sciences at Téluq. Vice-president of Network of Women in Environment.
Expertise: Ecotoxicology, Environmental Health, sex and gender, Environmental Education.


Honorary Board Members

Janine O’Leary-Cobb

Member since:  2000
Professional profile: B.A (Honours Sociology), M.Sc., ex-college professor, founder and editor of an international newsletter for women in menopause (1986-1998).
Expertise: Breast cancer survivor, experience in office administration, translation of medical terms into lay language, writing and editing.

Michele Landsberg

Member since:  February 2008
Professional profile: Journalist and author, social activist, feminist and breast cancer survivor; experienced in governance as past chair of the Board of Women's College Hospital.
Expertise:  Campaign endorser, feminist perspective, and promotion/publicity.

Francine Pelletier

Member since:  2008
Professional profile: Award winning journalist and filmmaker.
Expertise:  Campaign endorser, feminist perspective, promotion/publicity.

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